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Homeowners or landlords who need to maintain a certain degree of control where security and access are concerned should install a Master Key System. Capital Locksmiths offers high-quality Master key installation and key cutting/duplication. Sophisticated, state-of-the-art Master Key Systems are ideal for a wide range of commercial properties, ranging from offices to commercial buildings, retail outlets, hotels and apartment complexes.

Capital Locksmith can help you choose the most appropriate, high-quality Master Key System, especially if you have a commercial property or office within South London. Master Key Systems have several benefits for homeowners or landlords.

• Using a single key, you will have access to all points of entry in any property or building, while tenants may only open the communal door and that of their own apartment

• Only Capital Locksmith can cut/duplicate your key. This prevents tenants from cutting additional keys using alternative locksmiths

• A Master key certificate is provided to the owner/landlord and is used as proof of ownership before any additional keys can be cut/duplicated. A Master Key System can also provide different access for each key holder, helping to maintain optimum security at all times

• Homeowners letting their homes on an occasional basis are able restrict access to certain rooms or doors.

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